Do I need a reservation? 

Yes! Reservations are needed to surf. PSSC surf sessions typically book  out well in advance.  

The website is saying no availabilities. What does that mean?  

This means the window we had available for public session bookings is  already sold out! We have NOT sold out for the whole year! We only open  sessions for bookings weeks at a time. Please see the below FAQ point for  clarification there. Even when public sessions are sold out though, we  could still have availability for our private sessions. Please email  [email protected] to book one of those! 

When do you open new booking windows? 

We will open a new booking window 4-6 weeks in advance of the first new  date. Make sure you are subscribed to our email list! You can subscribe on  our website. Email subscribers will always be alerted first of when new  booking openings are scheduled to go live. We email our subscription list  before we put it out on social media so be the first to know and subscribe  now! 

What is the difference between a public session and a private  session? 

When you book a public session, you are reserving a surf spot in an hour of  one of our publicly offered wave settings. The public sessions range from  having 9 surfers in the pool for an hour to 12 surfers in the pool for the  hour. The headcount depends on the type of session you booked. For  example, the A-Frames sessions have 12 surfers for the hour and the Lefts  and Rights sessions consist of 9 surfers for the hour. In a public session  you are booking a spot for yourself. 

A private session is booked by one person for their own group of 12 or less  surfers per hour. It’s a chance for you and your friends to have the whole  pool to yourselves! Private sessions allow for a customizable and intimate  surf experience, including wave profiles that are not offered in a public  capacity. Here you have the ability to surf your favorite wave on repeat or  switch the wave settings on demand. Our private selection includes our Clean Easy Tube, The Slab, our Air Section, Lefts and Rights, A-Frames, Waikiki, and more! 

How much are public sessions? 

A single spot in an hour-long public session ranges between $60 and $200. 

Do you offer surf lessons?  

We don’t offer surf “lessons” at this time for public sessions. Beginners are  provided instruction prior to the session starting. Surf patrol is in the water  during sessions and can offer assistance when needed.  

I only see intermediate and advanced sessions available. When will  you offer beginner sessions?  

Beginner sessions will be offered starting in the Spring! Beginner sessions  will include a board and a wetsuit if needed as complimentary with a beginner session. 

Do you allow SUP’s and/or Foils? 

We currently do not allow either at this time. 

How old do you have to be to be in a surf session? 

It’s not about age here! All surfers entering the wave pool must be a  minimum of 42 inches tall and must be able to fully swim on their own. 

Should I bring my own board and wetsuit? 

Yes! If you have them, bring them! 

Do you offer rentals? 

Yes, we have board rentals. We currently have a selection of boards from  Mayhem and Catch Surf. We also offer Rip Curl wetsuits for rental for those colder months! 

Is your surf pool water heated? 

No, the surf pool is not heated. 

However, PSSC offers heated dip pools lining the surf pool included in a cabana reservation.  

What is the water temperature?

Water temperature ranges but for January, we are expecting the range to stay within the 50’s. 

How early should I arrive for my session? 

For the first session of the day: arrive 30 minutes before your session. For  all remaining sessions of the day, you may arrive from the point of park  opening to 30 minutes before your scheduled session to check in. 

If I bring a water photographer, are they allowed in the surf pool during my session? 

Public session: no.  

Private session: yes. 

Can we bring a drone to film my session? 

No. Due to close proximity of the Palm Springs airport, we are in a no fly zone. 

Resort Pass Invite, Terms and Conditions Apply

  1. Exclusive Offer: This ticket is not for sale or trade. It includes general admission (GA) offerings but excludes Wave Pool and Surf Operations.
  2. Redemption: Tickets must be redeemed onsite at the admissions desk. Valid photo ID may be required.
  3. Parking: Parking is not included with the ticket.
  4. Specialty Tickets: Available for all ages.
  5. Cash Value: The ticket has no cash value.
  6. Blackout Dates: The ticket is subject to blackout dates, including special events and holidays.
  7. Validity: Tickets are valid until [insert expiration date].
  8. Non-Transferable: Tickets are non-transferable and must be used by the person to whom they were issued.
  9. Lost Tickets: Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced.
  10. Liability: The issuer is not responsible for any changes or cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.