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Palm Springs Surf Club Waikiki Sessions

Beginner Waikiki

Waikiki is designed to be the ideal wave for those who have never surfed or those who have surfed a few times and just want to get the feeling of standing on a board and riding in the early stages of their surfing journey. If the surfer is good enough to angle and go down the line, the wave does have an open face on the outside edge as it peels along the reef. This is the wave for you if you want to try surfing for the first time.

Coming Spring 2024

Intermediate A-Frames

The A-Frames are designed to offer a split peak experience which two surfers can ride in opposite directions on the same wave. There is a closeout section at the end which is intended to be there for a finishing maneuver. We throw 3 wave sets at 15 second intervals between waves with approximately one and a half minutes between sets.

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Palm Springs Surf Club Wave

Advanced A-Frames

Advanced A-Frames are not for the faint of heart. These slabby cylinders give surfers the option to pull in off the takeoff and come out in time to do one or two more turns if you are quick enough. The end section makes its presence known on these waves, its thick and powerful so bring all the power you can to it. Like the mellow A-Frames, stay in the pocket. These waves come in 3 wave sets with an 8 second interval between waves and approximately one and a half minutes between sets.

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Lefts and Rights

The lefts and rights extend the length of ride in our pool by about 3-4 seconds and are designed to be user friendly for skill levels from intermediate to pro. These are designed to offer a legit first section for a big turn and hold the face throughout the rest of the ride. The end section is playful and great for laybacks or for the more technical surfer the blow tail reverse has been a favorite. These waves are thrown out as a 3-wave set with 15 seconds between the waves and about one minute and twenty seconds between sets.

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Palm Springs Surf Club sampler session

Introducing the NEW Sampler Session

A variety of all the public offerings. 20 minutes of Advanced A-Frames, 20 minutes of Lefts, and 20 minutes of Rights. We are rolling with a 6 person capacity for this special session so it will increase the wave count per surfer.

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PSSC private sessions allow for a customizable and intimate surf experience, including wave profiles that are not offered in a public capacity. Here you have the ability to surf your favorite wave on repeat or switch the wave settings on demand. Our private selection includes our “Clean Easy Tube”, “The Slab”, “Air Section”, and more!

***Currently taking reservations for private bookings to wrap up 2023! Inquire today to book 12/16 - 12/31***

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